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Website Development & Hosting

  • Justified, planned, and established website development as a viable product for a traditional printing company.

  • Built first websites for company and clients in 1998.

  • Founded web department that quickly became fastest growing company division

  • Web development and web marketing services now account for 20% of annual company sales.

Electronic Statement Presentment

  • Led LKCS to implement electronic statements in 2002 to supplement its traditional print and mail business.

  • Saved clients at least $0.50 per statement delivered while generating 20% more profit for company compared to traditional print/mail.

  • Regularly implemented additional features that improved overall capabilities, system and user management, compliance, and security.

  • Platform still provides functionality unavailable from competitors nationwide, providing LKCS with a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

DataFlex Reporting & Dashboards

  • Provided clients an easy and effective way to analyze their data. without waiting for their IT departments to program and run slow database extracts.

  • With the emergence of big data, I researched, selected, and launched DataFlex, a business intelligence system based on the MicroStrategy platform.

  • Dataflex provided drag-and-drop, no-code, web-based reporting.

  • Worked with 3rd party developers to build sophisticated ETL processes to accurately ingest client-supplied data files into our data warehouse and supplement them with a variety of demographic data.

  • Designed and deployed dozens of grid reports and dashboards that were available to clients out-of-the-box.

  • Trained users on how to create their own reports as needed to identify marketing opportunities, launch marketing campaigns, and measure the results.

DataFlex Matrix Campaigns

  • Devised a way to manage automated campaigns containing a series of e-mail, direct mail, SMS text messages, and outbound phone calls and branded it as DataFlex Matrix Campaigns.

  • Perfect for new account holder onboarding, cross-selling to single-service or unprofitable account holders, marketing to new account holders obtained through acquisition, or promoting services to indirect lending borrowers.

  • Leveraging Microstrategy, LKCS' print and mail capabilities, and integrations with 3rd party e-mail marketing and SMS messaging providers, the product manages the cadence and eligibility of each contact to receive each message, letter, or postcard and ensures that clients don't offer a product or service that the contact already has.

USPS Mail Tracking Application

  • Created a value-added service to track delivery of every mail piece sent by LKCS through the U.S. Postal Service.

  • Worked with our team to design a database structure to house the Intelligent Mail Barcode® data and internal job information.

  • Ensured application could download and import millions of records daily without performance impact. Designed to automatically delete data after 12 months retention.

  • Documented dashboard project requirements and functionality.

  • Coordinated with off-shore development team to build dashboards to our specifications. Tested and altered through iterations until providing final authorization.

  • Used internally and by clients to measure on-time vs. late mail delivery, confirm delivery of mail, monitor undelivered mail, and report potential issues to LKCS and USPS facilities.


Achieved and Maintained SOC2 Certification

  • Developed comprehensive IT, information security, information handling, human resources, and facility policies, procedures, and standards,

  • Implemented management oversight and change control workflows for all IT operations, software development., and programming.

  • Trained and tested employees on information security, information handling, confidentiality and privacy, and ensured they knew and followed established policies and procedures.

  • Conduct annual vendor due diligence appraisals and organizational risk assessments.

  • Routinely review all policies, procedures, and standards and update as technology and security threats change.

  • Work with auditors annually to evaluate all aspects of our IT operations and security practices.

  • First achieved certification in 2008. Continued to maintain annual certification.

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Continuous IT Availability and Security Improvements

  • Coordinated with IT staff to move from traditional server architecture to private cloud and then to hybrid cloud virtualization providing significant benefits in overall costs, availability, and flexibility.

  • Identified, selected, and implemented best-of-breed Managed Detection and Response solutions to aggregate log data, identify internal and/or external vulnerabilities and threats, reduce risk, and mitigate any incidents as they are discovered. 

  • Chose vendors to conduct independent quarterly external and internal vulnerability assessments . Reviewed assessment reports. Ensured any identified risks were properly addressed.

  • Greatly improved backup and data protection protocols. Ensured company had reliable on-site and off-site backups. Arranged and tested data replication to disaster recovery data center.

  • Developed, wrote, and maintained dis​aster recover and business continuity plans. Included detailed procedures for responding to a wide variety of events. Outlined responsibilities of key personnel with regards to emergency management, facility response, relocation, and equipment recovery. Contained contact information for vendors, utilities, contractors, employees, and disaster recovery partners. 

Web Hosting Cloud Modernization

  • Researched and identified benefits of public cloud over existing traditional data center environment.

  • Led conversion of multiple web and database servers to AWS improving availability, redundancy, performance, and security for over 200 client websites.

  • Leveraged advanced technologies such as Elastic Load Balancers, RDS, and CloudFormation templates.

  • Arranged, participated in, and managed AWS technical training for LKCS IT and development staff.

  • Partnered with 3rd party service companies to assist with migration, sustain ongoing 24x7 Network Operation Center support, and provide managed security and intrusion detection.

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Implemented Agile and Kanban Methodologies

  • Streamlined programming operations by introducing Agile practices. Led daily stand-up meetings. Managed product backlog. 

  • Ensured code was continuously integrated and up-to-date with Github. Verified code reviews were completed before approving it to be published. 

  • Introduced Asana to visualize and manage assigned tasks. Team members viewed and updated tasks on Kanban board or list view based on individual preference.  

  • Utilized Slack to improve collaboration between developers and other stakeholders.

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Electronic Statement Reimagination

  • Rebuilding e-statement presentment application from ground up.

  • Specified modern development architecture leveraging Github, NodeJS and React.

  • Proposed concept to deliver statements via HTML5 for improved UX.

  • Envisioned and documented all functionality.

  • Incorporated features not yet available in any other platforms.

  • Managed internal and offshore developers while team learned new technologies.

  • Project is still in development and has not yet been released.

Omnichannel Customer Communication Management (CCM) Implementation

  • Evaluated, selected, planned, and implemented customer communications management platform to completely replace existing software solution.

  • Presented case to ownership team justifying major company investment. Negotiated purchase terms.

  • Participated in all developer training to gain a thorough understanding of new software to leverage advanced feature sets.

  • Developed and re-engineered workflows to improve operations. Overhauled multiple department processes involved in processing data, variable data printing, inserting and mail operations.

  • Resulted to massive improvements in process and quality control, reduced processing time by over 1200%, and added new capabilities.

  • Platform used to send over 1 million financial account statements, transaction notices, and other documents monthly via U.S. Mail and electronic delivery.

  • Led sales team in attracting over 20 new CCM clients in last 12 months.

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